Updated: Feb 26, 2019

January 1, 2019

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Is it just me, or did 2018 feel like it was only a month long?

Where do I even begin?! This has been an AMAZING year and I am just so grateful. I had the privilege of working with some incredible couples and capturing their sweet love stories. I got to explore new places. I got to meet some fantastic people. My first "official" year in this business has been an adventure. There have been ups, downs, doubts and successes. Starting this little business of mine has taught me the importance of staying true to my values, goals and dreams; not letting comparison overthrow my creativity; and above all, keeping God at the center and following wherever He leads.

BRING ON 2019!

I am incredibly excited for this new year. I'm so ready to dive head-first into wedding planning for Chris and I's September wedding. I'm ready to marry my best friend and begin our life together in West Virginia. I'm excited for all of the weddings I get to be apart of this year and the couples that I get to work with. But most of all; I'm excited to continue learning, growing and working hard to make this dream of mine a reality.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for following me on this journey; and thank you for all of your support and kindness. Without YOU, this dream wouldn't even be possible. Keep on scrollin' and take a stroll through memory lane of just a *few* of my favorite moments in 2018.

Happy New Year!